The buttocks in women have always been a source of fascination to men.  At  all time in history and in all culture of the world, the feminine buttocks have played a prominent role in sexuality.  Apart from the breasts, there is no other part of a woman ‘s anatomy that men like to touch more than the buttocks.  In fact, the average African man is known to have a greater fascination for the buttocks than the breasts.


Just like the breasts, the bigger and bouncier the buttocks are, the more the men like them.  It is a known fact that such “endowed” women  are on high demand in Africa, especially in Nigeria.  The women know this fact and in seducing men, they do a lot of things to draw attention to their buttocks.  You must have noticed the tight, body-hugging trousers and skirt ladies wear and walk about on the street these days.  It is intended to get the attention of men.


African men are lucky because their women ( African women ) are the most endowed with big buttocks among women.  There is no other raced that can boast of bigger butts than black women.  There is a loadful of bums everywhere for the African man to reach out for.


The commonest and most exciting thing men like to do with the buttocks is to spank them.  Spanking, also referred to as smacking is the act of playfully slapping the buttocks.  It is the dream of every man to smack a big-bottomed woman.  In most cases of sexual assault ( apart from rape and attempted rape ) the complain is usually the spanking of women “s buttocks without consent.  It is common to see men walking up to a lady in a street corner, especially when it is dark smack her buttocks, and run away.


Similarly, a lot of ladies have complained about their bosses who take advantage of their position in the office to spank their buttocks with or without warning.


But the question to ask now is: why do men love to spank a woman ‘s fat behind?  The answer is however not far fetched.  It is for the pleasure derivable from it.  That part of a woman ‘s body is very soft and pleasant to touch.  It is an erogenic zone in women and it is a great source of sexual stimulation to men.


The closeness of the buttocks to two vital holes in a woman’s body – The vagina and the asshole is probably another reason for the attraction to the buttocks.  You can not avoid the buttocks if you are to glide around these two holes.  Their fat presence is always a force to reckon with.


Another explanation is that in human sexuality, we are attracted to what the opposite has that we do not have or do not have enough.  This is the basis of the theory of penis-envy in girls which Sigmund Freud propounded.  By this theory, girls are sexually attracted  ( “envious “ ) of the penis because they do not have it.  By extension, men are attracted to feminine breast and buttocks because they do not have these organs in the anatomical proportion that the opposite sex ( women ) have it.  It is not surprising that women with flat chest and flat backside are not so attractive to men.  Men probably see them as some kind of “she-men”


Buttocks spanking also serves as a foreplay.  As already stated the buttocks are erogenous  ( highly sensitive area ) sand when you caress, fondle or smack them gently and continuously, the lady is bound to be sexually aroused.


Similarly, the buttocks serve As a great object of after play. Between rounds of sex, when the partners are relaxing in preparation for the next round, rubbing the buttocks and smacking them is a great idea.  It helps to give a man a quick erection and arouse the woman in preparation for the next round.


It  may surprise you, but some men say it is the “slapping sound” that the buttocks make when you smack them that actually make them to smack buttocks.


From all indication, it is fun for a man spanking a woman ‘s fat behind.  But experts warn that it should not be too forceful.  A forceful slap on the buttocks can be painful rather than fun to a woman.  Lynn Russel, the author of Erotic Corporal Punishment advice a man spanking a woman not to “slap” in the real sense of the word.  “cup your palm a bit and bring it down with minimum force.” She advises


Wet spanking as against dry spanking is also advised.  Wet spanking is when the woman’s buttock is wet with water and dry spanking is when there is no water on the buttocks.  You can wet the buttocks before spanking them or better still do it in the bathroom or swimming pool when the whole of her body is wet.  So why not start today if you have noth been spanking before.  It is a great fun.  You can adopt a sex position that enables you to spank and at the same time thrusting your dick in and out of the cunthole. Doggie, woman-on-top, spoon ( side-by-side ) are some of the sex positions that enable you to fuck and spank at the same time.


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