A vibrator is an electric device that massages a particular area of the body.  But the commonest areas they are used for are the vagina, the anus and the penis.  Some people think that it is only women who use vibrators when they masturbate but the truth is that a lot of men use them too.

Vibrators come in all shapes, texture and sizes, each catering to a particular taste.  There are really a widely variety of them and women find them very useful.  Some women describe the sexual feeling from a vibrator as one of the most intense possible.


Usually, women use vibrators when they masturbate.  They enhance masturbation and make the women come quickly.  Many women require prolonged clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm and the vibrator can provide the required stimulation.  The endless vibrations on the clitoris and surrounding areas send women into orgasm much quicker than a hand, tongue or penis.  Furthermore, a vibrator induced orgasm is very intense and wonderful.



From what has been said so far, you should know that vibrators are not used for vaginal penetration.  If you thought they were, you might have been thinking about dildos, which are used for that purpose.

Let us clarify the distinction between the two by taking a closer look at them.  Vibrators are quivering, electrical device, and are used most often on the interior of a woman’s genitals for sexual stimulation.  They can sometime resemble the male sexual organ, but the most popular brands do not represent any part of the human body whatsoever.  Women can use vibrators to stimulate their clitoris, vulva, vagina and anus.  Men can use them to stimulate their penis and anus.

On the other hand, dildos are often, shaped like a penis and are meant for vaginal or anal penetration.  In a laymen’s language, they can be called “artificial penis” or “plastic penis” They come in different sizes and a woman chooses the sizes that suits her.


The dildo does not vibrate, it is simply meant for insertion into the vagina. However, some women enjoy massaging their clitoris with their dildos as well, although there is nothing near the stimulation of the clitoris by a vibrator.

A vibrator can be seen as a tongue, working at a fast pace while a dildo is just what it is; an artificial penis.


Although, both the vibrator and the dildo are useful to a woman, women are more at home with vibrators than dildo.  If they are to choose, they would clearly choose the vibrator.  This is another confirmation that women prefer more of genital stimulation than penetration!  This should be good news to men with small penises.  What matters to woman is the stimulation of the clitoris and other parts of the vagina.  A woman achieves orgasm this way faster than a penetration of the vagina with a penis.


However, some women combine a dildo and vibrator when they masturbate.  The vibrator stimulates the clitoris and outer part of the vagina while they have a dildo thrusting inside and out.  Some women have described it as having a tongue licking the vagina and at the same time having a penis penetrating the vagina.


Perhaps, another reason why women prefer a vibrator to a dildo is the size and resemblance of a dildo to a penis.  A dildo may be difficult to carry about whereas most vibrators are small and can infact be carried about.  They are not only small, they come in variety of shapes.  Most people would not recognize them as vibrators when they see them.  But a dildo speaks for itself because of its shape.


In terms of giving orgasm, the vibrator brings a woman to climax faster and more intensely than the dildo.  A dildo only fulfils the desire to be penetrated fully but the stimulation that produce orgasm comes from a vibrator.  But as already stated, some women combine both when they masturbate to be able to get the benefit of both.


Vibrators are not only for sexual pleasure.  They also have many sexual health benefits.  For women who have decreased mobility due to accident or disability, vibrators can be a wonderful, soothing addition.  Women who have sore genitals because of pregnancy can use a vibrator to ease their pain.


Finally, women may experience reduced sensitivity as they age and the vibrator can be just the device to create the stimulation they were used to in their earlier years.  All of these are some of the advantages of vibrators that give it an edge over dildos.  Dildos are simple, one way toys whereas vibrators are versatile sexual toys for women who want to explore new avenues of sexual satisfaction


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